ADU Experts – Design-Build

Our architectural team will provide you with upgrade possibilities that you may have not think of and will help you get maximum functionality out of your home. Realistically, large scale remodeling projects are riddled with changes that usually increase the cost and extend the finish date. Even in small remodels there is a chance of inching upward in cost. In FP2R, we will make sure that your remodeling project is delivered on time and on budget.

City/County Permit & Code Violation

Permitting process is put in place by the government to keep you and your family safe. Permits ensure that your property meets important requirements that minimize potential health and safety risks such as fire hazards, structural failure, electrical shock, and more.

Floor Plan For Marketing

Virtual tours are the best way to increase your number of prospective buyers. These days every professional real estate uses digital floor plans either on their online listing or on their open house flyers. Professionally and precisely drawn floor plans will make your listings stand out and will draw more attention from prospective buyers.